The concept of my identity web site is – Identity is the knowledge of other people know of you, or in other words, what you shows the world. An my concept is, every single person has different identities in different situations or with different people. Such as I am are a passenger on the bus, driver when driving, a student at school etc.

Idea: A black shadow of a person (with a big question mark in the middle maybe?) on the index page which makes you have no idea what identity he/she is, then photos of that person fade in and fill in the shadow in parts. And those photos should be token in different place, situation and outfit to represent the different identities of the person. Click on the part of the photo and more photos of that identity of the person pops out and go surround the shadow. And more detail of that identity at the bottom left or right of the page.

Here is the draft of my story board.

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