How does my concept respond to the theme?
My concept is different identities of one particular person in front of different crowd in different situation and the identity/ies hidden behind people. It aims to gives people more idea of what “identity” is, and we all have multi-identities in this world, although we have only one body.

Is it fully developed as an idea?
I had two ideas developed in my head from my concept, one is using shadow of a person (I call it “the One”) with images of him in different situation such as in crowd, places cut in parts on it, to show the different identities of the one. And the second one is the identities behind a group of people doing the same thing such as in meeting, on transports or in class. After discuss with my peer in class, he suggested me to combine two idea in one. So I am now thinking of using an image of a group of people (shadow) rather then just one single person’s shadow, then faces show up when the mouse move on to the person, click it and see the other side or the hidden identity of him/hers.

How could it be improved?
He also suggested to put on different type of music on different identity to increase the contrast of it, I think that’s an really good idea.

Are you confident you have the skills to produce it?
I am confident I can produce the shadow and edit the images with Photoshop, however I might need some flash on the website, unfortunately I never done anything with flash before, but I believed that I will can learn that from this course.

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